What do we do?



JV Powers and Company is re-imagining the future of medicine, as the world is progressing toward personalized medicine and treatment. In addition to our trusted partners, we provide the most advanced and comprehensive 3D design-to-manufacturing capabilities.

We offer a selection of fine detailed anatomical printed models in various materials, and a service to print patient-specific models derived from your patient’s scans for training and pre-surgical planning.



3D Anatomical Models

The ultimate tool for complex anatomy visualization. Service begins with the receipt of patient imaging data from CT or MR scans followed by image processing and model design resulting in a 3D printed patient specific model. 

Full-color models are ideal for use prior to surgery for both surgical planning and patient education. Translucent models can be uniquely enhanced with selective pigmentation to highlight vital structures. 



Product Development

We provide patient-specific 3D printed prosthetics to individuals hospitals and surgeons for inexpensive, effective treatment.

We facilitate a secure and HIPAA-compliant acquisition of the patient's MRI or CT scans and utilize the most advanced 3D printers available to create patient-specific anatomical replicas, customized to your patient's desires.